Sunday, April 19, 2009

This Week's Latest Obama Jokes

This Week's Latest Obama Jokes

Barack in '08.

Broke in '09.

Tip o'the hat to Paul.

President Obama already has signed a book deal. It’s going to be about how he’s made TOUGH decisions in his first 100 days. The chapter on how he made those "tough" decisions will be called ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS.

Tip o'the hat to Rocky D.

At a biker tattoo contest, the winning biker had tattoos of Joe Biden, Barack Obama and Colin Powell on his butt. Biden was on the left cheek, Powell was on the right cheek and Obama was in the middle.

Tip o'the hat to Allen.

Last Week's Obama Jokes

President Obama took some banking and insurance executives out to dinner and told them, "Order whatever you want to drink, order whatever you want to eat, order some to take home, order some for your neighbors and make sure you all also get some dessert."

One of the executives exclaimed, "Mr. President, that's going to cost a fortune!" Obama replied, "Don't worry about it. We won’t be here when the check comes."

Tip o'the hat to Michael

President Obama had two contractors come to the White House to give him bids on painting the Oval Office. The Republican painter offered to do the job 700 dollars. Obama then asked the Democrat if he could do better. The second painter answered, "Sure. I'll paint the Oval Office for 250,700 dollars." Obama was surprised at the figure and asked for an explanation so the painter replied, "That will be a 125,000 dollars in kickbacks for you, a 125,000 dollars in profits for me and then 700 dollars to subcontract the actual work to the Republican." Guess which contractor got the job?

Tip o'the hat to Cale

Q. Why does it take Obama so long to get ready for a press conference?

A. He has to put make up on both faces!

Tip o'the hat to Roger

Q. Why does Barack Obama stink as President?

A. Because his initials are B.O.

Tip o'the hat to Max

Q. Why is Obama like a crooked TV preacher?

A. He talks a lot, delivers little and wants all your money.

Tip o'the hat to Cole

Obama went on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to test out his new bail out ideas – if they got laughed at then he knew they were ready for Wall Street.

Tip o'the hat to Rocky D


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