Thursday, April 30, 2009

Obama Philosophy - Socialism 101

First there was Frank, Bill, Jeremiah, Bernadine, Alice and than came Obama – the spitting image of Frank. Oops, at least the ears are the same! Frank was the guy that took little Obama by the hand and started the brain wash job during Barack’s teenage years. “In Dreams of My Father.” Obama tells the world that Frank was the strong influence and the man who helped Obama find his lost identity.

Frank and friends had lived in Chicago for some 20 plus years and knew it was ripe for a young Obama to move in and start his “Chess game.” Ripe, because Chicago was notorious for its violence and corruption – all Obama needed to do was light the flame and keep agitating the people until a bon fire erupted.

Chicago was where Obama went from a toddler wrapped in liberalistic paraphernalia to a marathon runner equipped with tools of the extreme liberalist and radicals. Frank, Ayers and Wright, along with a few women served as Obama’s mentors and prepared their student well – Obama jumped into community activities, analyzed the hot spots of the various communities and strategically started the fires.

Obama didn’t exactly lead anyone or anything, but he mastered the art of using tax payer’s money to fund his radical channels. If there’s one thing this man can do adeptly, its raising tons of money, note I didn’t say honest money – I just said money.

Stage left, in comes Mayor Harold Washington and his communist buddies who helped Obama makes his way to the Illinois Senate. Washington was pretty much a “shoo in” when he ran for the office of mayor, because his campaign was backed by the Unions, many churches and special interest groups and getting Obama into the Illinois Senate was a pretty easy task for Washington and his Chicago gang.

Remember, truth is not relevant literally non-existent during the radical’s feeding frenzy on the less fortunate. Knowing how to control the masses is the secret – Obama knows that power comes from convincing those who “have not” that they can take power away from those who “have.”

So Obama’s job during this Presidential Race is to fuel the fire, create discontent, anger and confusion in the “have nots.” The “have nots” are much like a flock of geese and their only job is to follow the leader. Obama keeps the “have nots” hungry, wanting more, dreaming of what may be and he constantly changes the game plan or tactics so the troops don’t experience boredom.

The Obama philosophy is “power in numbers,” never letting the right hand know what the left is doing and tearing down the opponent’s defense. He loves to hit below the belt as we saw with Governor Sarah Palin and Biden was chosen over Hillary for one reason only. Obama couldn’t control Hillary and frankly was afraid of her, but Biden was somewhat like the stray out on the streets who would sit up and bark or shake hands for a few pats and a pot full of earmarks.

Now, Senator Obama with the help of Acorn, Project Vote and all his “pet” radical groups are showing Americans their uncanny control over our voting system. The officials at the polls are overwhelmed, over worked and totally confused, which is exactly what Obama and friends have counted on with their devious tactics. Obama plays stupid and Acorn just laughs all the way to the bank with their $ 800,000 dollars.

So America if you want an honest man, a real leader and one who places country first and foremost on his agenda – vote for senator McCain. If you want a deceitful, smooth talking attorney with lots of money who places radicals first, poor next and completely ignores the “middle class,” then Obama’s your man.

By the way, if you’re interested in Frank – just start surfing for Frank Marshall Davis: he was a great friend of Obama’s grandfather and a mentor to Barack Obama


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