Thursday, April 16, 2009

Michelle Obama - As a Role Model

I like Michelle Obama. She comes across, smart, savvy, grounded, a sense of humor, and very connected to her role in history. She has an athletic sense of style. That style is a great role model for women of all ages.

Then there is the subject of Michelle's arms. A lot has been said and written about her athletic, toned arms that she shows by wearing sleeveless. I think it is great that she shows off her arms while being comfortable under hot lights and nervous situations. Isn't it about time that as a country we can say to all women, take off your jacket or sweater, your sweat shirt or suit coat and be cool! As menopausal women in the work force, let's take the cue from the First Lady and show off our arms, toned or bat wings, in the name of democracy and coolness.

You don't see Michelle showing a lot of cleavage, or looking matronly. I really like the no cleavage look. Too many celebrities show way too much bosom to be considered role models. Other women in the public eye go to the fashion extreme and look too drab in dark colors and tailored styles. Michelle wears dresses! In the last few years, trying to find a dress (age appropriate) at let's say Nordstrom has been equivalent to going on a treasure hunt. I am hoping Michelle Obama brings back the popularity of the dress, with sleeves or not, as her husband brings back the economy so we can all afford to buy one .This is the 'official' picture of our first lady, Michelle Obama.


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