Friday, April 24, 2009

Barack Obama Can't Do it Alone

President Barack Obama has already made history by being the first African-American to ever be elected President. Obama has big plans for our country and has promised to stand up for change. Even though I have strong belief in Barack Obama's ability to do good for this nation, I also believe he can't do it alone. The President is going to need all of our help in order to start getting this country back on track. So what can we do to make a difference and help our new President keep his promise?

Volunteer for what's Important to You

Everyone has a cause or issue that is particularly close to their heart. Whether its child protection, education, health care, the economy, or something else I'm sure there is something you feel is important enough to work hard for. Many people think of volunteering or spending time in a homeless shelter or collecting donations for the needy but there are so many opportunities to volunteer for. Not only are non-profit organizations widely varied, they are hugely sensitive to the demands upon people's schedules. If time isn't something you can commit to an organization, you can instead create a service project to help your cause. Collect tennis balls for dongs in animal shelters, plant flowers at the local senior c enter or clean litter from a local beach. The mission is to do something for your favorite cause since every bit helps pave the way for a brighter tomorrow for America.

Send Email after Email

The only was our government officials can know what we want is for us to tell them. Most officials have convenient email addresses on their web pages, their state's website or through It may also be possible to find a universal form letter through an organization interested in your cause. All you have to do is fill out your information (usually just your name and email like with a petition) and hit send to email the proper authorities.

While form letters are a good way to get started, you will have more effect sending emails in your own words. When writing to your local authorities keep it brief and to the point. Address the email with the title and name of the official. Simply state your concern and your desire for something to be done and sign the letter a polite complimentary close such as 'A concerned citizen' and your full name, email address and any other contact information your feel necessary to share.

Attend Open-to-the-Public Meetings

Town meeting and school board meetings are two examples of open to the public meetings where you can join in, listen to pertinent issues and make your voice heard in a very relevant way to your community. You can learn of upcoming meetings through your local paper or website. It should state whether a meeting is open to the public or not but if you are unsure, you can always call you city hall or school department to make certain.

Start Grassroots Movements

A grassroots movement is basically a movement to affect change created and run by members of a community rather than an official organization. You usually hear of grassroots movements during political campaigns but the idea is limited to just that. When an issue comes to your attention that you feel needs changing, you can start a grassroots movement to get that change made. Start by making up flyers to recruit other people interested in the same issue into your movement. You'll probably start out by having some meetings, writing to some officials, rallying to bring attention to your mission and anything else you and your group can thing to do to accomplish your goals. Getting involved to make your country a better place is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Always remember the campaign slogan of our new President: "Yes We Can".


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