Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wind energy production with obama

The Obama Administration is definitely in support of pumping government dollars back into the economy, particularly if it means spending the green on companies that promote green energy. President Obama embarked to Iowa on Earth Day to go with the workers of Trinity Structural Towers. The President seems to be pleased with the company's efforts in developed a product that will create wind energy while still saving the jobs of many previous Maytag workers.

President Obama is an enthusiastic supporter of clean sources of power such as wind energy. He needs to maintain the development of green energy if the government is going to meet the Department of Energy's 20% wind energy goal by 2030.

Obama sees an opportunity for the United States to develop from the top importer of foreign oil into the top clean energy exporter. He believes that wind can produce up to 20 percent of the nation's energy by 2030, creating up to 250,000 jobs. This is an ambitious raise from the 2 percent currently produced by wind generated power, concurrently attacking the problems of energy dependence, global warming and job creation. The U.S. currently has no offshore wind power facilities though these new rules may give impetus to some pending projects, such as New York's plan to produce power off the coast of the Great Lakes and installations off the coast along the Atlantic seaboard.


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