Thursday, February 25, 2010

First lady Michelle obama – Let’s move on childhood obesity

Michelle Obama has now challenged Americans to deal with the growing trouble of obesity in children. Childhood obesity has tripled in the last thirty years. Nearly one-third of US children are now overweight or obese; nearly one in three will finally suffer from diabetes. In the African - American and Latino communities, the proportion is approximately one in two.

This is, the First Lady said, possibly “an even greater threat to America’s health than smoking” with staggering costs. A current study put the health care cost of obesity related diseases at $147 billion a year. Obesity is now one of the most general disqualifiers from military service.

This isn’t a challenge that can be solved in a year or in an administration, as the First Lady noted, but this isn’t like a disease where we’re still waiting for a cure to be exposed – we know the cure for this. This isn’t like putting a man on the moon or inventing the Internet. It doesn’t take a few stroke of genius or feat of technology. “We have everything we need, right now, to help our kid’s lead healthy lives” So Let’s Move.


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