Friday, March 6, 2009

Obama Collectibles - Own a Piece of Modern History With Obama Memorabilia

We have just witnessed one of the most exciting presidential campaigns in modern history. The 2008 campaign for United States President had many ups and downs, and some surprising twists. The most surprising was the amazing rise of a little known senator from Illinois named Barack Obama, who in mere months went from underdog to front runner.

Along the way, people began to hear his message of hope and change and realized that America could be great again, if we all just worked together. Barack Obama created a movement that is still going strong today. Of course, with any movement of this size, there's a lot of history being made and we all want to own a little piece of it for ourselves so that we can always remember this special time.

Barack Obama's popularity has created a growing demand for all sorts of Obama collectibles of every size, shape and form. If you supported Barack Obama during the campaign, then you probably already own some campaign memorabilia like buttons, pins, hats, posters, yard signs and t-shirts.

Fortunately, there are now many more Obama related things to collect besides campaign items. Some of these items may grow in value over time, while others are just keepsakes for you to treasure forever.

Barack Obama Commemorative Coins - Barack Obama coins are one of the hottest selling items right now and there are several ads on TV offering a selection of colorful coins with his image on them. Here are some facts about Barack Obama coins:

The coins being advertised the most are U.S. Mint coins that have been colorized with a special coating.

There is some controversy as to the real value of these coins. If you intend to purchase these coins, be aware that even though they are currency, their value has been greatly diminished by the colorization process. Meaning, they're pretty to look at, but won't grow in monetary value over time.

The U.S. Mint has issued a warning concerning these colorized coins stating that they do not endorse, sponsor or authorize any coin that has been altered or defaced for commercial purposes. Therefore, if you buy them for a keepsake that's fine, but don't buy extra sets counting on being able to resell them for a profit later on. Colorized coins are worthless.

Having said that, there are some very nice sets out there that can be displayed and even used as educational pieces. If you see any coin set that is being advertised as going up in value, do your research before buying.

Barack Obama Commemorative Plate - Obama plates are also being heavily advertised on TV and elsewhere as high-quality collectibles. A ceramic collector plate of Barack Obama usually is the size of a normal dinner plate and features an official looking color picture of Barack Obama. Some plates are done by independent artist and can feature embossed photos of Obama or the first family.

An Obama plate may or may not come with a display stand, which is a small stand that you can sit the plate on top of to display it on a shelf, or inside a glass cabinet.

Barack Obama Poster Art - This has been one of the most popular items during the campaign and has now branched out into the post election era. The most famous of all Barack Obama posters is the Obama hope poster done by artist Shepard Fairey. This iconic poster was originally hung around Chicago and other urban cities as a cool way to promote the change candidate.

After the election, this particular poster has only grown in value and popularity. It is a physical reminder that in these stressful times, there's always hope for a better tomorrow. In addition to the Shepard Fairey Obama poster featuring the words hope or change, there's another popular one that says progress.

There are two versions of the Obama progress poster. One created by Fairey, and another rarer one created by an artist named Scott Hansen. Hansen's poster differs from Fairey's in that it has a more retro vibe and features the images of people surrounding a large tree. The Obama symbol is in the middle and the word Progress is written in large letters on the bottom. There are also other unique posters created by a variety of talented artists.

Barack Obama Tee Shirts - Creativity abounds when it comes to t-shirts featuring the image of Barack Obama. There are the official tees created by the campaign, but many people love the uniquely original versions that can only be found from creative artists of many stripes.

There are cheap Obama t shirts and nicer urban Obama shirts like the powerful Obama MLK t shirts featuring the likeness of our 44th President and Martin Luther King, Jr. I've also seen some cool ones commemorating the inauguration.

Newspaper Cover with Obama - There are a lot of people who like to own a copy of big city newspapers that feature a major event on the cover. A newspaper shows off an important story like no other periodical can. The bigger the city, the better. Many people are now seeking copies of New York newspapers with Obama election results, or Obama newspaper headlines. This is because The New York Times is read by people around the world.

The Chicago Sun Times and USA Today covers are examples of other newspapers that are highly collectible. Obama's historic election and inauguration are captured in exciting detail by these daily papers.

Barack Obama Commemorative Magazine - Obama Time magazine covers are in high demand due to the popularity of both Obama himself and Time magazine. Time has been documenting important world events for decades and seems to be a collector favorite for this reason.

There are other great Obama magazine covers like that cool one from Ebony that features Obama wearing sunglasses and exiting his ride. Another great one is the recent Rolling Stone magazine cover with the blue background. There will be many more of these - count on it.

Barack Obama Buttons - Because they're so easy to make, there are hundreds of buttons featuring the likeness of Barack Obama. Many people already have official campaign buttons. However, there are many more created by independent artists with all sorts of designs and colors. If you're collecting Obama memorabilia, you've got to have at least one cool Obama button.

Barack Obama Mugs - There are black Obama coffee mugs and white obama coffee mugs with all kinds of cool artwork. Buy one to drink out of and one just for display. The more unique the design is, the more you'll treasure it.

Obama Comics - Yes, there is already a comic book that features Obama on the cover (Amazing Spiderman #583 Variant Comic Book). It's a special edition Marvel Spiderman Comic where our superhero, Spiderman, saves inauguration day. This is very limited and highly collectible. The creators of the series found out that Obama collected Spiderman comics when he was a kid. I'm sure there will be more Obama comic book fun in the future.

Barack Obama Shoes - Believe it or not, you can buy Obama shoes or Obama sneakers that have unique Obama graphics on them. These aren't official shoes made by famous name brand manufacturers, but they sure are super cool.


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