Friday, March 27, 2009

Obama address is fantasy speech

It was a great speech for those who still believe in the tooth fairy. The president overstated how bad things were that he "inherited," promised he'd improve everything, then justified his actions as if the only other choice was to do nothing.

But nobody has suggested "doing nothing," and his actions since being elected have just pushed real estate prices and the stock market to plummet further.

His speech promised energy independence, but had no proposal for the proven remedies of nuclear power or increased offshore drilling.

The president promised educational reform with more money to go down the ratholes. He promised universal health care even though the government is already broke, and promised to support our military but closed Guantanamo Bay and eliminated new weapons systems.

The first trillion dollars spent he labels "stimulus and no earmarks," but the truth is that it is all earmarks to Democratic groups with no solution for the nation's real estate, finance crisis or economy.

His promise to "cut the deficit in half" is ridiculous as his proposals balloon the deficit more than ever in our history! His tax increase proposals will kill the economy, not improve it.


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