Monday, January 11, 2010

Vegetable Gardening’s at the White House

THOMAS JEFFERSON: Jefferson (1801-1809) hired the first White House gardener, who also was in charge for cultivating a "kitchen" garden. But it wasn't until 1825, when John Quincy Adams became president, which the vegetable garden and nearby grounds began to flourish.
ABRAHAM LINCOLN: By the 1840s, a fresh kitchen garden had been planted southwest of the White House. Receipts for the seeds show that Lincoln and his wife, Mary Todd, enjoyed a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables.
FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT: First lady Eleanor Roosevelt used the White House grounds during World War II to show support for a civilian protection program for producing homegrown fruits and vegetables.
BARACK OBAMA: First lady Michelle Obama, with assist from local schoolchildren, planted a new "kitchen" garden last year on the lawn southwest of the White House. The garden is provided that fresh, seasonal produce for the first family and White House guests to enjoy. Mrs. Obama also is using the garden to teach children about the significance of eating more fresh fruits and vegetables as part of a healthier lifestyle.


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