Thursday, October 1, 2009

Doctors and Nurses so powerfully support President Obama's plan

Americans listen to their doctors and nurses when it comes to health reform - and for good reason. If we could help them amplify their voices, it'll be a huge boost to our campaign for change.
So we're working on a new television ad featuring their voices explaining why doctors and nurses so powerfully support President Obama's plan - and asking Congress to pass it. We'll run the ad in key states and districts all around the country to prove folks where health professionals stand, cut through the spin, and build even greater support for reform.
The American Medical Association, Doctors for America, and a dozen other physicians groups representing 500,000 doctors are endorsing the reform. So are the American Nurses Association and other organization representing millions of Nurses.
But the final congressional committee could vote on their reform bill as early as Wednesday - and debate on final legislation can start by the end of the week. So if we're going to assist make these doctors and nurses' voices heard, we'll need to do it right now.


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