Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our kids want President Obama's wisdom

The start of school has been moved in front a day, so our kids will miss some hard-earned wisdom from the man who proved anyone really can grow up to be President.
They will also miss a great opportunity to discuss why nut-job conservatives got into such a tizzy over President Obama's back-to-school speech Tuesday to students across the country about the importance of assuming responsibility for their education.
Our own kids have started the year with those words, but deals between the city and the teachers and principals unions moved the start of classes from today to tomorrow.
And no kid can be expected to come in from playing to tune the TV past the Disney Channel to a message from the President, even one as profoundly and historically cool as Obama.
Tomorrow, partly in answer to the nut jobs, more for the sake of our kids, each school in the city should begin by playing Obama's message.


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