Friday, July 31, 2009

Hilary, Obama, Capitalism, and the Elite Puppet Masters

There are tons of conspiracy theories out there about who is running America, who is running the world, and who is colluding with whom. The reality is that the game is so large with so many players that no one is really running much of anything, except their mouths in their own little caves.

Not long ago, a political activist and not so close acquaintance stated with regards to the topic of "Hilary, Obama, Capitalism, and The Elite Puppet Masters" that she believed there were issues with the Democratic politicians and she said; "I think Hillary Clinton leans in their direction. In the end Obama will likely do what he is told by the elites, but the jury is still out."

Hillary has often been called a hawk, but she often seems to be more of a realist than the Obama Administration, which seems to be wonderful at PR, and horrible at the completed product. Now that Hilary and Obama are joined we see some very interesting political bed partners. Although Hilary seems to be working hard at her job, when she isn't busy falling down and breaking bones.

Regarding; "the jury is still been out on Obama," some might say that if you believe that you must believe that the jury is a poll and the judges are the media? The elites obviously get it wrong half the time, even when only looking out for themselves. Unfortunately, we tax the people all the time, whether they win or lose, or it is a win/win for all concerned.

Indeed, there is no reason we cannot serve everyone with a capitalist motif, because those who produce the desired products and services are handsomely paid, if they fail to produce, well, hell they didn't deserve it anyway. And it's not as if the game is hard to play, the problem is we make to too easy to cheat; Lobbyists, and what Adam Smith warned us about. I hope you will consider all this.


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