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Barack Obama's Policies

Barack Obama's Policies

Barack Hussein Obama represented his state of Illinois as a junior senator. He was the only African American serving in the US Senate before he was elected president on November 4, 2008. Almost two weeks later, he gave up his US Senate seat.

Education Policy

The National Education Association gave Obama an A rating in 2005, 2006, and 2007.

Elections and Government Policy

Obama has been an advocate of ethics as well as election and campaign finance reform.

Economy Policy

Obama wanted to federally fund rebuilding New Orleans as well as the Gulf Coast communities after Hurricane Katrina. He pushed for hearings because he felt like the Bush administration was slow in responding to the needs of the people.

He had pushed for creating 5 million new green energy jobs within his first four years. This idea was first pushed for by Senator Hillary Clinton.

National Security and Foreign Policy

Barack was one of the loudest opponents of the Iraq War, calling it a "stupid war", even before it began in 2002. He waivered on that opposition during the elections 4 years ago. He introduced a bill to get troops out of Iraq within 16 months. He still holds this position. He has spoken against ending the war but has voted against a bill to fund the troops.

Hoshyar Zabari, an Iraqi Foreign Minister, said that Barack tried to get the Iraqi leader to halt a troop withdrawal. In July 2008 he tried to delay an agreement until after a new president was elected.

Veterans and Soldiers Conditions

Obama voted to increase standards and oversight of VA programs.

Obama has challenged the Bush administration to back a UN or NATO force in Darfur.

Energy and Environment Issues

In 2006, Obama wanted the US automakers to take 10% of their billions of dollars in health costs for retirees in exchange for making more fuel-efficient cars and trucks. He criticized the Bush administration for not pushing hard enough for energy independence.

Labor, Immigration, and Retirement Policy

In 2006, Barack pushed forth a bill that would keep congressional raises at the same rate as increases in the federal minimum wage.

Liberties, Rights, and Courts Issues

Barack supported the interests of Leadership Conference of Civil Rights, American Civil Liberties Union, Americans United for the Seperation of Church and State, Human Rights Campaign, Association of Community Organization for Reform Now (ACORN), Iranian American Political Action Committee, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, National Council of La Raza, and the Arab American Institute.

Food and Agricultute

Barack supported the National Association of Wheat Growers, the National Council of Agricultural Employers, American Farm Bureau Federation, and the National Farmers Union.

Health Policy

Barack supported the Alliance for the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy, American Academy of Family Physicans, Academy of General Dentistry, American Public Health Association, American Academy of Emergency Medicine, the American Nurses Association, the National Breast Cancer Coalition, and the St. Joseph Health System.

Tobacco Control Policy

There were many tobacco laws Barack pushed for. In one of them, Barack voted for the "Display of Tobacco Products Act" and that makes it unlawful to offer for sale, give away, or display tobacco products where customers can get products through self-service.

Science, Communications, and Intellectual Property

Obama is in favor of network neutrality legislation.

Infrastructure and Transportation Policy

Barack was in favor of the American Road and Transportation Builders Association.

Social Policy

Barack was in favor of the Children's Defense Fund, Family Research Council, and American Family Association.

Will Barack Obama Be Our First Green President?

There is much ado about the election of our first black president, but really, the color of his skin is meaningless to me. It`s the color of his politics that are of concern, meaning, "is he green?" The gap between whites and blacks, hispanics, and other minorities grows ever smaller in this country and a black or hispanic president, and eventually a female president, was inevitable. Fifty years ago it was an impossibility for a catholic to be elected to the highest office!

Mr. Obama has already stated in his speeches that part of his economic stimulus plan would include big renewable energy projects and that is encouraging. After eight years of an administration that was thoroughly in bed with the oil industry and two centuries of plundering the planet in the name of the industrial revolution, it is time to reassess our goals and the future of our planet. We have burned collossal amounts of non-renewable, highly polluting fossil fuels in the past two hundred years, and that energy has given us a dream lifestyle filled with conveniences and gadgets, toys and transportation that would have been pure science fiction when Fulton invented the steam engine and started it all.

Unfortunately, we are now paying a huge price for all these conveniences in the form of air, soil, and water pollution, as well as global warming, which, if allowed to continue unchecked, will soon make our planet a terrestrial hell. Fossil fuels are the culprit, so what to do about our depend-ence on them should be foremost in our minds. Not if, but when the ice caps melt, sea levels will rise at least thirty feet, inundating almost every coastal city and town on earth. There is great concern that the influx of all that fresh water will stop the flow of the gulf stream and bring on the next ice age.

Are we going to give up all the modern conveniences made possible by the burning of fossil fuels? Of course not! But there are things that everyone can do to reduce the size of their carbon footprint, cheaply, as well as save many thou-sands of dollars in energy costs!

Why President Elect Barack Obama Will Fail?

President Elect Barack Obama has electrified the entire world both friend and for, Muslims and Christians, city dwellers and the inhabitants of the jungles.

Obama is a symbol of hope for the entire population of this globe that we all call home.

His ascendancy to the presidency was a very challenging two year campaign and in the end he became victorious but not boastful, he did not show any form of bigotry but rather much humility. He was very gracious in victory and spoke kindly of his defeated opponents.

President elect Obama will only fail if we as a people of this world allow him to fail. it now appears as though our hope and mere existence has been inextricably tied to this young man whom is seen as a messenger of hope.

Obama will fail if Black America continues to look at their actions as business as usual and if White America digresses to the old guard culture of bigotry and disdain foe Black America.

Both Black and White America must hold hands and walk boldly together towards the new frontier where hope can be translated into actual achievement and the American Dream can become a reality not only for some but for all if only we act in unity.

Obama will fail if we continue to disrespect our women whom God created not only to become a companion to their respective husbands but as the conduit to keep civilization alive thought child birth and rearing.

Obama will fail if men continue to dishonest, liars cheats and disrespectful and gullible in their relationships with their spouses and in their business affairs.

Obama will fail if women continue to prostitute themselves for material gain and fail to value them as the special creation that they are.

Obama will fail if church leaders do not refrain from being divisive in their religion while not remembering that we serve only one true and living God.

Obama will fail if we do not educate ourselves so that we can free ourselves from the grip of fossil fuel servitude.

Obama will fail if we lose the "Yes We Can Attitude" and trade it in for the "Yes We Cannot Attitude".

If all of us do our part Obama will not fail and we as a people will not fail. Obama's victory has forever placed the great nation of America forever in the annals of time as being the "Protector of this universe, the nation of God".

Obama will not fail because God is with him as he is with us all.


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