Monday, December 22, 2008

Barack Osama’s Controversial Pastor Puts Church in Hot Water

Barack Osama’s controversial pastor and the church he's serve for 36 years can be in hot water over statements he has made from the pulpit in support of the Illinois senator's run for the White House.
The Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr. preaches that he follows the righteous path, but when it comes to the federal tax law, his Trinity United Church of Christ may have crossed the line.
Wright praised Obama from the pulpit on Jan. 13 in what was payable as his final sermon at the Chicago church.
"There is a man here who can take this country in a new route," Wright said during his sermon, according to recordings obtained by FOX News.

Trinity United Church of Christ/Religion News Service Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., and the Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr., senior pastor, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, March 2005.


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